Slack App Set Up


The Slack integration for the Conversion solutions provides real-time web engagement metrics to specified account owners. 

In order to install the Demandbase Slack App, the following steps should be completed:

  1. Users must have admin privileges to install any app in Slack. Conversely, users may be granted the privilege to install apps onto their Slack team from their admin. Make sure that either you have the privilege to install apps onto your team, or that an admin is present during the process.
  2. Go to and click the Add to Slack button.  A new tab on's domain will open.
  3. Click Authorize at the bottom of the page to complete the install.
  4. All users added during the initial onboarding process will automatically start receiving Slack notification from the Conversion app. Going forward, a sync will occur weekly in order to pick up new Slack users. 


Slack Admins also have the ability to remove the Demandbase integration app, and there may be multiple Admins at your organization. If that occurs inadvertently, Admins can follow the above instructions to re-install. 
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