Can I edit Titles and Images for Recommendations?


Yes, the Site Optimization recommendation page title and images can be changed within the Demandbase UI.

Step 1: Navigate to Site Optimization

1.1. Log into

1.2. Click the "Engagement" tab.

1.3. Click "Personalization".

1.4. Click "Manage Settings" in the "Site Optimization" section.


Step 2: Navigate to the Preview Recommendations page

2.1. Click "Preview" in the Site Optimization navigation options.

2.2. Click "Edit Recommendations" near the bottom of the page.



Step 3: Locate the page you want to edit and make your desired changes

3.1. Utilize the search bar to locate the recommendation you want to edit. Search by URL or page title. 
Note: If searching by URL please do not include the protocol (HTTP:// or HTTPS://).

3.2. Click "Edit" next to the page you would like to make changes to.

3.3. Here you can:

  • Edit the page title
  • Apply a new image URL to the page
  • Utilize a B2B Stock Image



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