Deploy Adobe Analytics connector via Tealium Tag Manager


With the Adobe integration, we want to accomplish 2 things:


1.       Deploy the scripts globally

2.       Deploy the scripts as close to the opening <head> tag as possible


Looking at the default order of operations here, pre loader extensions are executed first. The order in which pre loader extensions are processed is based upon their order in the Tealium iQ console. We’ll want the Demandbase scripts to run as pre loader extensions and be first in their extensions order. This will help ensure the Demandbase scripts fire as quickly as possible once Tealium loads.


Steps to add the Demandbase scripts in Tealium:


1.       Create a JavaScript extension

a.       Go to the Extensions Marketplace and add the JavaScript Code Extension from the Advanced tab.

2.       Set the Title to Demandbase Adobe Analytics Implementation

3.       Set the Scope to Preloader

4.       Add the code in the attachment to the editor

5.       Save and publish your Tealium iQ profile.


Those steps would first be completed for the staging environment before deploying to production


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