Site Optimization and New Pages

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Site Optimization recommends personalized content to site visitors by using account based data about their company and geography as well as their intent and stage of engagement. It optimizes websites by presenting the content and information that each individual visitor is most likely to find interesting as well as increasing the chances of guiding them to a set of goal pages and other high value pages. 

Why doesn't Site Optimization appear on new pages right away?

Demandbase learns from historical traffic and behavior to understand what content is consumed by visitors and the paths they take on a website. It typically requires about a month of web traffic to learn how visitors interact with your site and content.

As each visitor interacts with your site, their actions are automatically characterized based on their account, industry, time period, type of content viewed, pages visited, previous conversions, and dozens of other parameters. Based on this data, the AI technology determines the best content to recommend for that visitor. The recommended content is based on historical patterns, but it also learns and considers what content/pages guide visitors to conversion pages faster in the future. The ultimate goal is to optimize websites by presenting the content that is most relevant to each individual, leading to increases in conversion and ultimately revenue.

For new pages (e.g. blog posts), Demandbase requires 10 identified page views in order for that page to qualify for recommendations.


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