Building a New Audience from CRM

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You can build an audience from CRM which streamlines the interaction between Salesforce and the Demandbase ABM Platform. Once you set up your audience as a list of accounts, you can then begin viewing performance metrics and reporting, or choose to leverage those for targeting.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. IMPORTANT: Before you get started, you must complete authentication via OAuth to your SFDC instance. When this task is completed, a green check mark next to Salesforce Integration in the Home > Setup screen appears. For more information, please see the Salesforce Integration Overview.
  2. In your Salesforce account, navigate to Reports > Create New Report > Accounts to create a new report. salesforce_report_update.png
    • 2.1 Manually add 1) Account ID and 2) Website (Account Name should already be included).
    • 2.2 Save the report and enter a name.
      Note: Tabular Format is required in order to process this.
    • 2.3 Run Report, and then navigate to the Reports Screen from the toolbar.
    • 2.4 Click the desired report and double-check to ensure all of the required fields are included and that this is the set of accounts that you'd like to include in your audience.
    • 2.5 Copy the URL field at the top of your browser.
      Note: Ensure the format is similar to: "" This contains an 18-digit alpha-numeric Report ID field. 
  3. In the Demandbase ABM Platform, under Home, click Audiences.
  4. Click the Create New Audience button.
  5. Click the From CRM option.
  6. Type the name of your audience.
  7. Paste the Salesforce Report URL (from step 2.5 above) into the URL field and click Continue.
  8. Select a Demandbase Profile from the list and click Create Audience.
  9. After the audience is finished processing you can view your audience from the Audiences page and use it for Targeting, Engagement, or Conversion within the Demandbase ABM Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this report dynamically update?

Yes! CRM audiences will update data every 7 days.

I'm receiving an error message when I copy in my Report URL. What do I do now?

Please confirm that the OAuth integration is complete and all of the required fields are included in the report. If you are using the Lightning Interface, please ensure you have navigated back to the Reports screen and then click into the desired report, in order to copy the correct URL.

Is the integration bi-directional?

Not at this point, Demandbase is only reading from Salesforce.

I use a different CRM system than Salesforce, is that supported?

At this time, Salesforce is the only supported CRM system to create new audiences. If you have not already done so, submit a feature request to help inform our product roadmap.

If I have any issues with the integration that are not covered here, who should I reach out to?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or open a Support ticket if you have additional questions! 

What are the requirements to create a new audience from CRM?

Users must have authenticated via OAuth to their SFDC instance and display a green check mark next to Salesforce Integration in the Setup screen. For more information, please see the Salesforce Integration Overview.

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