What are Toggle Fields?

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When using the Demandbase Forms product, one can define form fields to hide (initially) and show only if Demandbase does not populate them with data. These are known as Toggle Fields. These elements are not typically the input fields themselves, but rather the wrapper divs that also contains the field labels.

If the Toggle Fields are not populated after all three Demandbase API calls, then the fields are shown to the user.

Why can't I make Toggle Fields required?

Forms cannot be submitted if a required field is left blank. Hiding a required field goes against best practice as it presents a small amount of risk that a required field could remain hidden unintentionally. 

Should this occur, the user would be unable to submit the form due to the blank and invisible required field.

Other considerations

It is possible to disable the Autocomplete functionality for a Forms integration. This is uncommon, but if Autocomplete is disabled you cannot toggle form fields.


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