Understanding the Demandbase Sales Web App

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In addition to access to the Prescriptive Sales Dashboards, the Sales web app provides you with robust insights about the accounts and people you're researching. The web app delivers company and people level details, engagement, technographics, intent data, news, social media posts, and emails.

Important: You must have a Demandbase Sales Intelligence license. See  View by License Type for more information.

View by License Type

The web app view differs by license type. If you’re unsure about your license type, contact your CSM for more information. 


  • To view Engagement data, you must have the ABX product and integrate Demandbase with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
  • Users can only export data to CSV or Excel files.


Web App Overview

The web app includes the Account, People, Engagement, and Insights tabs that show relevant information about the companies and people you are researching. 

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  • Overview: Firmographic details, contact information, connections, intent, and the latest company news.
  • Industry: The Industry Profile with common challenges, trends, call prep questions, and the size and structure of the industry.
  • Family Tree: Subsidiaries, acquisitions, international divisions, branches, and other corporate relationships.
  • Technographics: Details that can help you win more business by identifying companies that use relevant technologies in your market. These could be technologies that your company integrates with or even competitive technologies.
  • Financials: The latest financial data for public companies.
  • Similar Accounts: Information to help you find other companies in the same industry. Checking out similar companies can help you understand where your target company fits in the industry or even identify new prospects. 


  • List of current and former employees at the company. You can filter the list by family tree, job function, job level, contact location, contact info, and connections.
  • Profile information with a person's phone number, email, location, and employment history.
  • Quick links to access a person's Linkedin profile, Twitter profile, and Google search results.
  • An indicator (green check mark) for people that are known contacts in your tenant. 
  • Number of mutual connections you have with a person and a connection chart showing the contacts you can reach out to for an introduction.
  • Relevant insights related to a person and the following engagement information:
    • Number of Engagement Minutes: The number that appears next to the person's name represents their Engagement Minute total. 
    • Communication History: All email communication and meetings between your company and the person.
    • Engagement Minute Trend Chart: The person's Engagement Minutes by activity over time.
    • Heatmap: Engagement Minutes based on your database fields selected in the Rows and Columns drop-down lists.
    • Activities: List of a person's activities. 


  • Timeline: Engagement for the account. 
    • Deal Story: Highlights key activities and lets you view Marketing Engagement, Sales Engagement, or both. The bottom bar chart shows the progression of the account through your Journey Stages. 
    • Engagement:  View Engagement Minutes by activity for the account. You can view total Engagement Minutes for all activities or for a selected activity. You can also view Engagement Minutes grouped by relevant Demandbase fields to gain additional insights.
  • Intent: Top Intent Keywords and Trending Keywords on web pages being read by users at the account sorted by intent strength. The sparklines show the number of times users read a web page with each keyword during the selected time period. 
  • Highlights: The most engaged people for the account. Most engaged people are based on factors such as a person’s role, their activities, etc.
  • Activities: The most engaged people for the account and their activities with the highest Engagement Minutes. You can use search or select a filter to refine the list.
  • Heatmap: Engagement Minutes based on your database fields selected in the Rows and Columns drop-down lists. 
  • Communication History: All email communication and meetings between your company and the account. 


  • News: News and current events related to the account. 
  • Blogs: Blog posts from the account.
  • Twitter: Twitter posts from the account.

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