Understanding the Demandbase Export API and Import API

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The Demandbase Export and Import APIs allow you to perform bulk, asynchronous, programmatic data imports and exports.

Demandbase Export API

The Demandbase Export API lets you export account, opportunity, people, and activity data from Demandbase to a CSV file. The exported data can be imported to your CRM or MAS platform if you don’t currently have them integrated with Demandbase. You can also use the exported data to perform data analysis or build visualizations in other platforms.    

The steps for using the Export API include:

  1. Create an export job: specify if you want to export account, opportunity, people, or activity data. You can also specify the fields and filters to use to narrow the export to only the relevant data.
  2. Check the export job status: check if the status of the export job is accepted, processing, finished, or failed.
  3. Download the exported file: download the CSV file with the exported data once the export job status is finished.

For more information about using the Export API, see the Demandbase Export API documentation.


  • The Export API allows you to export up to 10GB of data per day.
  • The Export API can perform up to two export jobs simultaneously for each Demandbase tenant.

Demandbase Import API

The Demandbase Import API lets you import account, opportunity, and people data into Demandbase. Using the Import API, you can import data in CSV format to add or update records in Demandbase. 

The Import API provides an alternative to importing individual CSV files using the ABX Platform. It also allows you to import records if you don’t currently have a CRM or MAS integration set up or want to import records from additional data sources.

The steps for using the Import API include:

  1. Create an import job: specify if you want to import account, opportunity, or people records.
  2. Submit data to the import job: submit the records to import in CSV format. For information about the fields required for each record type, see Import or Update Account, Opportunity, and People Data from a CSV File.
  3. Check the import job status: check if the status of the import job is new, processing, completed, or failed
  4. Review imported records: review the imported records in Demandbase once the import job status is completed. It can take between 24 and 48 hours for the imported records to be available in Demandbase.

For more information about using the Import API, see the Demandbase Import API documentation.

Important: The Import API can import up to three million records per hour.

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