Upgrade the Demandbase Adobe Analytics Scripts to IP-API v3

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If you use a tag manager other than Adobe Launch or don't use a tag manager, Demandbase can integrate with Adobe Analytics via the deployment of specific Demandbase scripts. (Note that these scripts are separate from the scripts used for the Demandbase Tag.) This integration method passes Demandbase account firmographic attributes to the context data object and then to your Adobe Analytics report suite on each page view. 

Demandbase recently released an updated version of the Demandbase IP-API, version 3, that can be used with this integration method for Adobe Analytics. The updated IP-API version provides improved account identification accuracy and broader account coverage.

Changes to the API response for IP-API v3 include:

  • New firmographic attributes
  • Deprecated firmographic attributes
  • Updated method for adding custom firmographic attributes

New Firmographic Attributes

The following table shows the new firmographic attributes in IP-API v3. To see all the firmographic attributes in IP-API v3, see Reference: Firmographic Attributes Overview for Demandbase IP-API (Updated v3 Version).

Attribute Name API Variable Name
Company ID company_id
Fax Number fax
Equifax ID efx_id
Company LinkedIn URL company_linkedin_profile
Company Status company_status
Company Type/Ownership company_type
Business Structure business_structure
IP Address IP
Parent Company ID parent_id
Parent Name parent_name
Ultimate Parent Company ID ultimate_parent_id
Ultimate Parent Company Name ultimate_parent_name

Deprecated Firmographic Attributes

The following table shows IP-API v2 firmographic attributes that are no longer available in IP-API v3.

Attribute Name API Variable Name
Demandbase ID demandbase_sid
B2B b2b
B2C b2c
Traffic traffic
Latitude latitude
Longitude longitude
HQ SID hq_sid
Domestic HQ SID domestichq_sid
World HQ SID worldhq_sid
HQ  hq
Domestic HQ domestichq
World HQ worldhq

Important: If you upgrade to IP-API v3 and currently use any of the deprecated attributes, the existing integration with Adobe Analytics continues to work. However, the deprecated attribures will no longer send any company data to Adobe Analytics. 


  1. Locate the Demandbase Adobe scripts.
    The API endpoint to update appears in your tag manager or domain's HTML template as a group of scripts similar to the following examples. These examples include generic placeholders for the DB Tag UID and DB API Key values which are unique for your domain's configuration. 

    Script Upgrade 1.png

    Tip: To search for these scripts, look for scripts that include &callback=Dmdbase_CDC.
  2. To update the IP-API endpoint, replace the v2 value in the script URL with v3 as shown in the following example.
    <script scr="//api.company-target.com/api/v2/ip.json?key=[DB_API_KEY]&callback=Dmdbase_CDC.callback"></script>
    <script scr="//api.company-target.com/api/v3/ip.json?key=[DB_API_KEY]&callback=Dmdbase_CDC.callback"></script>
  3. Publish the changes to production.

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