Force Install the Demandbase for Sales Browser Extension for All Chrome Users

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Google account administrators can force-install the Demandbase for Sales browser extension for all Chrome users in your organization. Users cannot remove apps that are force installed.

See Understanding the Demandbase for Sales Browser Extension.


You must be a Google account admin.

To see data in the extension, users must have a Demandbase Sales Intelligence license.  


  1. Log in to your company's Google account ( using Google admin credentials.
  2. On the Google Admin home page, go to Devices > Chrome > Apps & extensions > Users & browsers.
    Chrome 1.png
  3. Click the bottom right Google Chrome logo (add from Chrome Web Store.)
    Chrome 2.png
  4. In the search box, enter Demandbase. Click the Demandbase for Sales tile.
    Chrome 3.png
  5. Click Select
    6 - Install.png
  6. Once installation is complete, click Save

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