Working with AI-Powered Campaign Outcomes (Video)

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Within each advertising campaign, you can choose the ideal performance outcome. Depending on the outcome selected, Demandbase’s B2B Demand Side Platform (DSP) optimizes each impression and campaign strategy to maximize that goal.

There are currently two campaign optimization strategies.

  • Drive Website Engagement: The Website Visits outcome prioritizes users with higher intent who the AI model determines are most likely to visit your website. This strategy is recommended for all campaigns regardless of account list composition.
  • Grow Intent and Awareness: The Build Intent outcome prioritizes delivery to users with lower intent and optimizes towards clicks by default. This strategy is recommended for campaigns targeting accounts at the top of the funnel where intent and awareness is not yet established.

Watch the following video to learn about using AI-Powered Campaign Outcomes in the Demandbase Advertising Campaign Builder.

Video duration: 6:07

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