V2 to V3 Migration Guide

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** Before you begin, please notify your Demandbase CSM so a CDC tag can be provisioned for you to test the integration with 

  1. Add the new Demandbase connector – Once it’s added you can remove the old data connector from your staging environment only


  1. Under Integration Settings apply the integration to your staging site. Enter your Demandbase UID & API key. Your CSM can provide this information

  1. Under Variable Mappings setup what eVars the Demandbase attributes should be sent to. For Demandbase Dimensions and Demandbase Custom Dimensions – Group 1 make sure to use the same eVars Version 2 is currently configured for (check variable mappings of that configuration). For each additional 8 attributes you’ll need to setup another group and eVar.

  1. Under Data Settings add the Demandbase attributes. For the first 2 eVars, make sure to maintain the same order as your previous integration (check data settings of that configuration). Please notify Demandbase of any additional attributes added and the order they appear below. Demandbase will need to make updates to the CDC tag to accomodate the additional attributes. 

  1. Under the Support tab you’ll find the updated s-code/appMeasurement snippet that will replace the previous plugin. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR UPDATE ANY OTHER CODE.
    1. EXCEPTION: This snippet is the only piece that needs to be updated except in the extremely rare case that you were hosting the Demandbase integration script on your own server. If you hosted this yourself then you'll need to receive the updated version from Demandbase. 'scripts.demandbase.com/adobeanalytics/[UID].min.js'. 

  1. The code you want to replace can be found below


  1. Once you can confirm the data is coming through in staging:
    1. Add the new data connector to your production suite
    2. Remove the old data connector(v2)
    3. Update the code snippet in the s-code
    4. Add Demandbase scripts to the head in production


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