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You can measure the health of your integration by creating a segment called "Audience None" within Google Analytics. This measures the amount of times that Demandbase data was not collected.

View this video for a walk through of how to create an Audience None segment in Google Analytics. The steps are also included below.



Step 1: Add the Audience None Segment

1.1. In Google Analytics, navigate to your Google Analytics reporting view.

1.2. On the left-hand side tab drill down into Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

1.3. Click Add Segment at the top.

1.4. Create a new segment called “Audience None” per the configuration in the screenshot below (i.e., navigate to conditions, select Audience attribute, select matches regex from drop-down, enter .+ into text box and select Exclude from Filter drop-down menu) and click Save.


1.5. Click Add Segment again from the top of the report.

1.6. Make sure All Users and Audience Not Equal to None are checked from the following screen and click the Apply button.

Step 2: Make adjustments

2.1. Confirm All Users and Audience None appear as the two segments at the top of the page. Make sure All Users is on the left and Audience None on the right. If they both don't appear, click on the Choose segment from list and add them.

2.2. Confirm that the date range of the report covers a time period after you went live with Demandbase Google Analytics.

Step 3: View the percentage of pageviews

The percentage of pageviews from Audience None segment represents the amount of Demandbase data that was not collected by Google Analytics.


If the Audience None segment percentage is below 10% this means the integration was successful. If the percentage is above 10% follow the checklist instructions here to request assistance.

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