How are my Spiderbook accounts sorted?


Use the Sort by drop-down menu to sort your Spiderbook accounts by Delivery Date, Web Engagement (this is the default), Account name, or Account status.

When sorted by Delivery date, Spiderbook orders accounts with the same delivery based on how strong it thinks the account is – stronger accounts first (on the left), less strong accounts last (on the right). 



What are some of the other ways to view this information? 

A user can sort the accounts by Account Name, Assignment Status and Assignee. 

There are also multiple filters to help the user quickly find the relevant accounts, these are "Batch" (aka “group of delivered accounts”.  A client can filter by the accounts delivered to them in November versus December), Assigned Status (for example, Assigned vs Unassigned), Accounts Assigned to Specific Users, and specific date filter.

How is it beneficial to the customer?

There are two different types of users; a regular user and the admin user:

  1. The regular user will benefit from some of these (Sorting by Account Name) because they might find it easier to find specific accounts (although we also have a Search bar available too).  But the default sort view, which shows the accounts by their goodness score, is the most useful one because  helps the user know which one to pay a little extra attention to.
  2. For the Admin user, the different views and filters will help the user to better manage his team (Assignee view etc).

How to use the filters to view accounts. 

The filters are located on the top bar:


These filters allow the user to quickly filter the accounts based on:

  1. Batch
  2. Assignee Status 
  3. Assignees
  4. Date Filter
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