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The Lead Matching Report allows you to see the lead to account match results and rate, convert leads to contacts, retry matching to an account, or retry populating the "Matched Account" field in your CRM.

The following requirements must be met for a lead to match to an account. 

  • The account must exist in Demandbase, CRM, or CSV upload. 
  • The account must belong to an account list.
  • The user syncing Demandbase with CRM or MAS must have access (visibility) to that lead.

See Understanding Lead to Account Matching for more information. 

See Match Results and Rate

To access the report, from the left navigation bar, go to fb1bd190-0d1b-42b7-a89c-3a496fb807d2 Settings > Lead Matching > Lead Matching Report.

At the top of the Lead Matching Report, you can see the rate of leads matched to an account.

To see which leads matched or didn’t match to an account, use the Match Status filter in the table. 


  • The leads and match rate on the page consider leads that were created within the date range specified at the top right of the page.
  • You can also filter by lead or account type by applying a lead or account filter at the top right of the page. This is great to see which MQLs are getting matched to accounts, etc.

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Identify CRM Writeback Failures

The Sync Status filter allows you to filter by the lead write back status to your CRM. The best filter option is to look at Unsynced and Error status. The "L2A Account Match Notes" column shows the error messages we received from your CRM when trying to write back to or convert your leads.


Take Action with Leads

In the lead match report, you can unmatch leads, convert leads to contacts, retry matches, and retry writebacks to your CRM. Click the checkbox next to the leads to take the following actions: 


Unmatch selected leads from accounts. This is great for removing junk leads from an account.

Convert to Contact

Convert selected leads to contacts in your CRM instance. This action is irreversible and has confirmation steps to make sure you really want to do this. See Set Up Lead to Contact Conversion in Salesforce

Retry Match

We'll retry matching selected leads to see if they match to a different set of accounts than they initially did. We'll use the same lead to account matching algorithm when retrying each time, clicking multiple times will have no impact.

Retry Writeback to CRM

If there was a workflow rule or field validation rule in your CRM that caused our writeback to fail, you can retry the writeback to the "Matched Account" field. Reach out to our Support team if you're seeing discrepancies.

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