Find Connections and Send Referral Requests

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After you set up connections in Sales Intelligence, you can find connections to people at target companies and send referral requests. You can find direct connections to a person or identify mutual connections that you and the person both know. 


  1. In Sales Intelligence or the Sales Intelligence iFrame, search for and select a target company.
  2. Click the People tab to find people you have connections with.
    • You can filter by job function, job level, contact location, contact info, and connections or use the search box at the top of the page to find people by name.
    • You can see the number of connections you have with a person listed in the contact information column.
      Number of Connections.png
  3. Open the profile for the person you have connections with and want to contact.
  4. Click View Connections to open the connection graph.
    View Connections.png
    Tip: The connection graph shows all the people that connect you to the selected person.
  5. In the window that opens, click Ask For Referral for the connection that you want to make the introduction.
    Ask For Referral.png
    Tip: The Ask For Referral link only appears if a connection’s email address is in the Sales Intelligence database.
  6. Complete and send the email message that opens with the connection’s email address prepopulated.

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