Deploy via Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)

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To deploy Demandbase Tag via Adobe's Dynamic Tag Manger, follow the instructions below. You need your unique Demandbase Tag code snippet, which you can obtain from the Settings page in the ABM Platform. To access the Settings page, click the gear icon at the top of the Home page in the ABM Platform. 


Step 1: Add a new Tag in your Adobe DTM dashboard

1.1 Click Go to Rules when the popup appears.

1.2 Select the Page Load Rules section in the left navbar and then click the Create New Rule button.

Step 2: Name your Rule

2.1 Open up the Conditions section. Make sure the rule is set for the bottom of the page, and then add a criteria for Path (underneath URL in the Criteria drop-down).

2.2 Set your rule to include a Regular Expression for all pages by flipping the red switch to the right (after which it will turn green) and typing ".*" in the text box (see below).

Step 3: Proceed by opening the Javascript / Third Party Tags section

3.1 Verify the Non-Sequential tab is selected.

3.2 Click the Add New Script button.

Step 4: After naming the tag, copy and paste your Demandbase Tag into the black text editor

4.1 Make sure to REMOVE the <script> and </script> tags at the beginning and end of your code and then save the tag.

Step 5: After saving, you will see your Demandbase Tag like below

5.1 Save your rule with the blue button at the bottom.

Step 6: When finished, select your new rule for your Demandbase Tag and then activate it


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