Deploy via Google Tag Manager (GTM)


To deploy Demandbase Tag via Google Tag Manager, you may follow the instructions below. You will need your Demandbase welcome URL first, which you can obtain from your Demandbase Campaign Architect, CSM, Solutions Consultant, or Solutions Engineer.

1. Create a new tag, either a custom HTML tag or a custom JavaScript tag, with the copied and pasted Demandbase Tag into the body of the new tag.

2. Demandbase Tag is typically provided as HTML (wrapped in a <script>...</script> tag). If your TMS tag is an HTML tag, include the opening and closing >script< tags. If your TMS tag is a JavaScript tag, omit the script tags (<script>...</script>).

3. For the new tag, set the "Fire On" (or similar) so the tag runs on pages after the document object model (aka Dom) loads, per the following image:

In most cases, there's no need to have another event on the page trigger running of the tag.

4. Make sure to save both the Tag and trigger and then publish the changes when you're finished. If desired, you may 'Preview Changes' before publishing the changes to production.





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