Turning off Domain API

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While Demandbase doesn't collect email addresses because they are PII, some organizations consider the entire email field PII and thus no 3rd Party script should be accessing such fields even if they're not storing or using the information in its entirety. The downside is you'll be losing on a great deal of information from our Domain API. Consider for example when someone is on a residential network but they provide their work email. This is an opportunity append the company data to your form but unfortunately you've turned off the Domain functionality. So you should consult your legal team before proceeding with this option.


How to turn off Domain API


  • You must create a hidden field in order to divert the connector to attach itself to different email field
  • Provide this field's ID or Name in a request email to your CSM and support[at]demandbase[dot]com


Once we receive the request we can update the connector to hook into the hidden field and thus avoiding any contact with your actual email field.

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