Step 5: Retain and Grow

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Winning an initial deal is usually not the end of the sales road. If you're an account manager, customer success manager, or account executive, your job typically requires you to land and expand. You can be asked to find opportunities to upsell or cross-sell your customers. If your products are subscription based, you might also be responsible for ensuring your customers renew. 

In each of these situations, Sales Intelligence can help you :

  • Monitor accounts for changes that signal renewal threats or opportunities for up-sell or cross-sell
  • Expand your contacts at the account to guard against organizational changes and find new decision makers

Monitor Your Accounts

Watchlists and alerts can help keep you informed of events that occur at your accounts such as executive changes, acquisitions, partnerships, expansions, and financial trends. Additionally, you can follow individuals to keep track of their social media posts and gain insight into what's going on at their company. 

Expand Your Contacts

Your success in growing an account can depend on your ability to find contacts in other parts of the organization and build relationships with more senior level people. The quickest way to find additional contacts is to build a people list based on your customer watchlist. You can specify job functions and titles that match your likely buyers. 


  • Instead of entering company attributes, specify a watchlist to use for building a people list.Start with a List.png
  • You can also filter the list to see only connections.Connection List Filter.png 

After building the people list, browse the results to find the most promising contacts. Click a contact to open a preview of their profile and click their name to open their complete profile in a new browser tab. Search for contacts you are connected to as these are often people worth reaching out to right away. 

If you're focused on finding additional contacts at a single company, use the People tab to filter employees by title, functional area, level, contact location, and contact information. The People tab also shows the people you are connected to at the company.

Insights: View News You Need

Sales Intelligence aggregates news from over 40,000 different sources globally and categorizes them by topic. This allows you to tailor the news you want to see. Additionally, Sales Intelligence includes information from a company's blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page.

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