Checking API Response in Browser


Demandbase IP Address API returns firmographic data on the company visitor. The best way to confirm that the API response is returning successfully and to check the attributes' values, you can send a request to the API directly in the browser.

First, download the Chrome Extension JSON Viewer in your browser. This developer tool will enable you to easily view the data returned from the API directly in the browser.

Second, enter the following URL in the browser to view the data returned:


After pinging Demandbase's API, the data should be returned successfully in a JSON format:

You can then use different IP addresses to test that your Demandbase integration is working properly (see article How to Use Test IP Addresses in Chrome).

If you are seeing an "unauthorized" response, this could mean that your API key has expired or that the key was not correctly entered.


Please reach out to if you are experiencing this issue with the URL that you are using to ping Demandbase API.


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