How to Spoof Test IP Addresses in Firefox


Many of Demandbase's modules rely on data returned from the Demandbase IP API. It is sometimes necessary to test that your Demandbase integration is working properly with different IP addresses. Fortunately, there are a couple third-party browser tools that make testing with different IP addresses easy. This is otherwise known as Spoofing.

Note: To prevent abuse of your token, Demandbase enables a setting on our backend that disables this functionality. If you are not getting the results you expect, contact

For Firefox, we recommend the X-Forwarded-For extension. Add the X-Forwarded-For extension to Firefox at this link:



After the extension has been successfully added to Firefox, navigate to the Add-ons Manager (see the screenshot below).

In the Add-ons Manager, select Preferences next to the X-Forwarded-For icon.

If disabled, enable the extension. Enter the IP Address you would like to test in the IP Address field.


Firefox will now use this IP Address in the HTTP X-Forwarded-For header. When you are done testing, remember to disable the Firefox extension.

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