Understanding API Priority

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An important part of setting up your Demandbase forms integration is deciding which visitor form data to prioritize. Review this video to get an overview. You can also get the details of how API prioritization works below along with an example.

How it Works

As explained in Forms Identification: How it Works, Demandbase returns firmographic information using three APIs.

  • IP
  • Domain
  • Company Autocomplete

The Company Profile that Demandbase returns to the Form Connector will choose only one of the API return values. The Company Profile value is determined by the Form Connector's API priority order.

The default API priority order is: Domain API -> IP API -> Company Autocomplete API.

This means that if all three APIs identify the visitor, the Demandbase Forms Connector will use the information returned by the Domain API. Likewise, if the IP API and Company Autocomplete APIs return data, but the Domain API does not, the Forms Connector will use the information returned by the IP API.


Check out this demo form that demonstrates how the default API priority works.

Any data within the object Demandbase.Connectors.WebForm.CompanyProfile is the data the Forms Connector has currently selected. Demandbase.Connectors.WebForm.dataSource indicates the API source of the data (domain, ip, and company).

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