Sample Report 1: Visitor Composition

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The intention of this article is to create a base report that you can extend to fit your business needs. It is in no way comprehensive and some of the data contained within may not be applicable to your specific implementation.

This article assumes that you have Google Analytics and that it has been integrated with Demandbase.

In this article we will be creating a custom report for viewing basic visitor composition using Demandbase Company Profile Attributes. You should use this report as a foundation for creating your own reports that are unique to your business needs.


Step 1: Create Custom Report

1.1 Navigate to Customization then click + New Custom Report.

Step 2: Configure Report Tabs

2.1 Use the following screen shots to configure all of your report tabs.

2.2 You may not have Account Watch variables configured with Demandbase in this step.  Contact Demandbase Support for more information.

Step 3: Save the Report

3.1 Click Save to save the report.

Step 4: View the Report

4.1 You can now view the report you've created. Feel free to change the report's settings to discover insight into the composition of your visitors. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Demandbase Support.

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