Upgrade Guide


Benefits of Upgrading

The Demandbase Tag is our preferred and most efficient deployment method. Many of our JavaScript connectors are now capable of being deployed on the Demandbase Tag system. Here is a list of some of the most obvious benefits of upgrading:

  1. "One Code to Rule Them All" - All of our supported connectors can now be deployed with only 5 lines of JavaScript!
  2. Bug fixes and security updates are now automatically rolled out
  3. New features are added with backwards-compatibility
  4. Future products can be easily supported and integrated with minimal overhead required from our customers
  5. Developers can now integrate with our JavaScript API to further customize solutions

How to Upgrade

There's almost no effort required when upgrading. All you have to do is get in touch with Demandbase Support. After letting us know that you want to upgrade, we'll provision your applicable connectors for deployment and send you a welcome page with placement instructions for your Demandbase Tag. Once you receive the instructions, they'll request that you simply remove all of the old integration codes and replace with the new Demandbase Tag. You can even use the Tag inside of your Tag Management System (like Google Tag Manager, Tealium, and Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager)!


Please note: The Demandbase Tag cannot be used to deploy all connectors, as some rely on specific integrations with other products or vendors. To find out if your Demandbase connectors are eligible, please contact Support.

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