Testing the Integration


This article assumes:

  1. You have a LivePerson account for your company and are ready to install the Demandbase Test plugin
  2. You have an API key licensed for the Demandbase LivePerson Chat Plugin
  3. You have an installation link for the test plugin

If you are missing either 2 or 3, please contact Demandbase Support.

Please be aware that there are two versions of the plugin available. One is for live use and the other is for testing. This article discusses how to install the test plugin and test your integration.

Step 1: Install the test plugin

Use the link provided to you from Demandbase to install the test plugin. If you need the link, please contact Support. The steps are exactly the same as the live plugin installation until you reach the following step:

Step 2: Enter a test IP address

Enter a test IP address into the "Test IP Address" field then click "Submit".

Step 3: Verify that the test plugin is enabled

Be sure to disable the live Demandbase plugin while you are testing. You can do this by clicking the dot on the live plugin and ensuring that it is red. Also, make sure that the test plugin dot is green:

Step 4: Verify that the data shows the sample IP address company profile

Open your LivePerson agent console application and login to the account you installed the test application into. With a web browser, open a page of your site that is setup with your "Monitor Code" from LivePerson. In the agent console, you should see yourself visiting. Click on the entry and view the info associated with your visit. (In the example below, I entered an IP address for General Electric):


As you can see, LivePerson is adding the Demandbase data for General Electric to the visit. Your agents will then see this company information and you will be able to create visitor rules using the Company Profile Attributes.

As usual, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate contact Demandbase Support.

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