Understanding Custom Agents

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Custom agents enable you to extend and personalize your monitoring capabilities beyond the standard agents provided in Sales Intelligence. You can create custom agents to find media coverage, business events, and discussion topics using a set of conditions specific to your sales efforts.

Why Create Custom Agents?

Every organization is unique and what represents a significant event to one organization may not be important to another. The standard agents in Sales Intelligence let you monitor many common business events across various industries and geographies. Custom agents allow you to further tailor your results to the specific needs of your organization.

Tips for Creating Custom Agents

Start by searching for press releases or other news items that report the type of events representing your interest. Review the keywords and phrases used and add them to your custom agents. For example, an article about encryption might also discuss tokenization. Including it as a keyword in a custom agent can expand your results while maintaining relevance.

When performing research for your custom agents, it's important to focus on terms that your customers and prospects use when discussing your industry and products. While these terms might be different than the ones your organization and competitors use, they are the ones that will give you the best results when added to your custom agents. 

Custom Agent Examples

IT Executives Custom Agent

The custom agent shown in the following screenshot finds news articles that mention people on a target company's Information Technology (IT) team with a Director level role or higher. You can create different versions of this custom agent based on the departments your organization sells to such as sales, marketing, or finance.

IT Example N.png

Cloud Computing Custom Agent

The custom agent shown in the following screenshot finds new articles that mention different variations of cloud computing terminology. Note that the News (only) source has been selected for this agent since SEC filings rarely cover this topic.

Cloud Computing Example N.png

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