Forms Visitor Identification: How it Works

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This article will walks you through how the Demandbase Form Connector identifies form visitors.

Identification Methods

There are three Demandbase APIs that are used to identify a visitor to a Demandbase-enabled form.

  1. IP Address API
  2. Domain API
  3. Company Autocomplete API

Each of the APIs use a different approach to identify the visitor but all return a company profile associated with the visitor's supplied information. For more on the APIs, please click the links above.

Identification Process

1. IP Address API

When a visitor first views the Demandbase-enabled form, the Form Connector will send off an API call to the Demandbase IP address API. The response, if the IP address resolves to a company, will be stored in the JavaScript variable:



2. Domain API

If a visitor enters a company-identifiable email address domain, the Form Connector will, by default, replace the CompanyProfile value with the new response. You may specify a custom priority order by asking your Demandbase engineer to assign a priorityMap.

If no identification is made on the email address domain (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc. domain) then the IP address-identified company will remain as the CompanyProfile value.

3. Company Autocomplete API

The third, and final, effort that the Form Connector will attempt is suggesting potential companies that the visitor may belong to. The set of results will be dependent on the visitor's location. Companies matching the characters that they typed into the company field will be shown by alphabetical and geolocational order.

By default, the selected company will not override the identifications made by the IP address or domain APIs. You may override this by asking your Demandbase engineer to assign a priorityMap.

Additional Configuration

The Form Connector supports many different configuration options, all of which can meet your business needs.

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