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Demandbase Targeting Solution uses our patented technology to find people at specific companies out on the greater Web and service ads to them. Demandbase has built a full, high-performance ad tech stack that offers unique targeting and delivery capabilities with clear tracking and results. As a part of our Advertising Solutions, Demandbase also has the ability to serve dynamically personalized ad creative to each company. Here's how it works:

1. Identify Target Companies

The first step in any Demandbase Advertising campaign is developing a list of target accounts. Clients create these lists in many ways: from CRM records, marketing databases, working with Sales to determine their most valuable accounts, or using firmographic attributes like industry, revenue, employees, location, technology or any combination of many others.

2. Choose an attribute to personalize

The key to personalized ad creative is deciding on a company attribute, or firmographic, to leverage. Demandbase offers 45+ detailed company attributes and any of them can be used for ad personalization.

3. Build personalized ad creative

Using the attribute determined in step 2, Demandbase's creative services team designs and builds ad units made to dynamically personalize to your target companies. Demandbase can insert the attribute within the copy, change parts of the messaging, or swap images or graphic elements. In all engagements, Demandbase follows design and advertising best practices. Whenever company name is being used as the personalized attribute Demandbase takes every precaution to avoid the appearance that the targeted company is an endorser or co-sponsor for the advertiser. In most cases Demandbase uses the company name as a way to direct the message to the visitor, as a salutation.

4. Serve ads only to target companies, across the web

With your ad creative built and ready to be personalized, Demandbase launches your campaign and serves ad units only to the target companies on your list (from Step 1). Each company sees a message unique and relevant to them to help grab their attention and drive further engagement. Demandbase uses its technology and tools to optimize campaigns throughout the process, and make any changes necessary.

Note on Privacy

Every ad served by Demandbase will contain the Ad Choices icon. Ad Choices is a part of the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. It is designed to protect Internet users’ privacy and give users control over their internet usage data. For further info, see our Privacy Policy (

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