November 2023 Product Update

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New Features:

Hushly Integration

Shared customers of Hushly and Demandbase can now connect Demandbase data to Hushly’s all-in-one conversion cloud to make it easier for marketers and sales professionals to personalize experiences for customers. Through this integration, customers can:

  • Operationalize Demandbase data for multiple marketing strategies - content marketing, demand generation, account-based marketing
  • Offer more relevant content with content personalization
  • Change website elements and offers for in-market accounts with a/b website personalization
  • Create "no-code" account-focused microsites / landing pages that dynamically change based on Demandbase signals
  • Create journey or buying stage landing pages that dynamically move groups of in-market visitors/accounts through stages who are not on your target list

See Integrate Hushly with Demandbase.

Quartile Reporting (Video and CTV Advertising)

Creative level performance now includes quartile reporting. You may now see both the amount and rate (% compared to impressions) that each video played at least 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% during impressions on each individual campaign.

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