Landing Page URL and UTM Parameters



Landing Page URL

A Landing Page URL is the URL that a user will arrive (or 'land') on upon clicking on your ad. The URL should leverage unique UTM parameters to track the progress of your campaign.


UTM Parameters

When running multiple online marketing campaigns, it is likely you will have multiple vendors and various pieces of content driving to your website. If you are driving multiple sources of traffic (search, ad words, Demandbase, etc.) to your website and/or same landing page, it is difficult to determine which campaign is more effective in driving target accounts.  This is where UTM parameters come in to play.

There are 3 required pieces of the UTM parameter: 

  1. utm_source – Used to describe where the traffic is coming from, for example the name of the vendor (i.e. Demandbase) 
  2. utm_medium – Used to describe the specific element, for example you may refer to banner placements or size (i.e. 160x600)
  3. utm_campaign – This refers to the overall campaign you are running (i.e. ProductA_Launch)


For more information on UTM parameters, refer to this article.


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