What sites are my ads being served on?


Demandbase bids on millions of sites across all of our exchanges partners (including Google/by Domain) as well as a whitelist of B2B categorized sites that targets visit at work (sites like New York Times, LinkedIn, NewsCorp, Forbes.com, WSJ.com, golf digest.com, dictionary.com, etc.).  This methodology is much more efficient and scalable than targeting job position relevant content.

Because we built the only bidder for B2B Advertising Campaigns, we ensure 100% delivery on premium Above the Fold B2B content sites and only to the companies on your target account list.

With Demandbase there is zero waste in terms of impressions, if a site does not meet the criteria above, we don’t bid/win the impression.  This methodology also allows us to build context into our bidding strategies to ultimately drive the right individuals at only the right companies. 

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