What sites are my ads being served on?


Demandbase bids on thousands of contextually relevant sites across 40+ of our exchange partners, which include (sites like New York Times, Forbes, Washington Post & CNN) For more info about our whitelist: https://www.demandbase.com/b2b-marketing-blog/why-your-ads-are-showing-up-on-breitbart-and-tmz-and-what-you-can-do-about-it/

Because we built the only bidder for B2B Advertising Campaigns, we ensure 100% delivery on premium B2B content sites and only to the companies on your target account list.

With Demandbase there is zero waste in terms of impressions. If a site does not meet the criteria above, we don’t bid/win the impression. This methodology also allows us to build context into our bidding strategies to ultimately drive the right individuals at only the right companies.

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