Customizable Attributes

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Demandbase allows you to provide custom return values for these select attributes in order to meet your business needs.

Customizing Industry and Sub Industry Values

Industry customizations are a very popular option for many companies. Demandbase uses SIC codes ( to map industries to companies.

Customizing Employee Range and Revenue Range Values

Demandbase can cater to your company's definitions of company sizes. For example, some might consider a company with 100 employees a "Small Business" while to others, this would be a "Mid-Market". The default values for these ranges are listed below.

Revenue Range Defaults
Min Max Returned Value
Unknown   null
1 999999 $1 - $1M
1000000 4999999 $1M - $5M
5000000 9999999< $5M - $10M
10000000 24999999 $10M - $25M
25000000 49999999 $25M - $50M
50000000 99999999 $50M - $100M
100000000 249999999 $100M - $250M
250000000 499999999 $250M - $500M
500000000 999999999 $500M - $1B
1000000000 2499999999 $1B - $2.5B
2500000000 4999999999 $2.5B - $5B
5000000000   Over $5B<
Employee Range Defaults
Min Max Returned Value
Unknown   null
1 99 Small
100 999 Mid-Market
1000   Enterprise

Customizing Account Watch Values

Account Watch values are company-specific attributes that you have full control over. For more information, see Account Watch Overview.


Making Changes

To have any of these values updated, please visit the How to Change Customizable Attributes article.

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