Ad Campaign Prerequisites



To prepare for launching your ad campaign with Demandbase, follow the directions below for each item:

  1. Demandbase Tag
  2. Ad Deliverables
    1. Target Account List
    2. Creative set
    3. Landing Page URL


Demandbase Tag

Demandbase products require a small amount of unique javascript code, called a tag, to be placed on your website. 

  • If the Demandbase Tag is already installed on your website, there is no action required on your part.
  • If your Demandbase Tag has not been deployed, or if Demandbase has not seen any website traffic data then you are presented with a link to your Demandbase Tag deployment instructions shown in the screenshot below.


  • Alternatively, follow these instructions to find your unique Demandbase Tag deployment code.
  1. Make sure the script appears on all pages, including the landing pages of your ads. Pages that are not tagged will not appear in the reporting dashboard.
  2. Please contact your Demandbase representative once the code is live and we will verify that traffic is being measured correctly. If you have additional questions, just let us know.

Once the script is live, it will log the IP address of each visitor and match them to a company profile via the Demandbase API. It also creates two tracking pixels, one to measure ad conversions, and another to retarget ads to a company after they have left the site.


Target Account List

A target account list is a list of accounts that you plan to advertise to for your campaign. Your contract will indicate the number of accounts that are available for you to target.

There are several options available for creating a target account list:

  • Provide your own curated list of accounts
  • Leverage the Demandbase Platform to produce a list:
    • Account Selection - Demandbase AI recommends target accounts for you (available only with Platform Pro subscription)
    • Firmographics - Generates a list of up to 2,500 accounts that meet your organization's specific criteria. You can filter by employee size, revenue range, industry and location. 

Once you have your list, provide it in a CSV format (Account Name, Country and Domain are required) to your Implementation Project Manager.


Creative Set

A creative set is a group of 3 creative ads that will be used for your advertising campaign. Your contract will indicate how many creative sets you can use and whether the ads used will be personalized or non-personalized.

For a complete description on the banner ad specifications and requirements, refer to this article.


Landing Page URL

A Landing Page URL is the URL that a user will arrive (or 'land') on upon clicking on your ad. The URL should leverage unique UTM parameters to track the progress of your campaign.

For more information on UTM parameters, refer to this article.

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