Ad Campaign Prerequisites

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To prepare for launching your ad campaign with Demandbase, follow the directions below for each item:

  1. Keywords / Buyer Interests
  2. Target Account List
  3. Creative Set
  4. Landing Page URL

Keywords/Buyer Interests

The keywords/buyers interest section of your Demandbase Profile allows the Targeting solution to target and serve more ads to the buying committee of your target accounts, essentially users that are generating intent signals around the keywords tied to your products and services.

The keywords/buyers interest should be aligned with your strategy and messaging. Below are recommendations and best practices on what to add:

  • Include granular keywords
  • Add in your competitors
  • Minimum keywords: 50
  • Leverage your SEO keywords

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To set up your profile, see Build A Demandbase Profile.

Target Account List

A target account list is a list of accounts that you plan to advertise to for your campaign. Your contract will indicate the number of accounts that are available for you to target.

There are several options available for creating a target account list:

  • Utilize your own curated list of accounts
    • Upload via CSV
    • Upload via a Salesforce Report URL
  • Leverage the Demandbase ABM Platform to produce a list:
    • Account Selection - Demandbase AI recommends target accounts for you.
    • Firmographics - Generates a list of up to 5,000 accounts that meet your organization's specific criteria. You can filter by employee size, revenue range, industry, and location.

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To create an audience, see Create a New Audience.

Creative Set

A creative set is a creative with the same style and copy in 3-4 banner sizes that will be used for your advertising campaign. Your contract will indicate how many creative sets you can use and whether the ads used will be personalized or non-personalized.

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For a complete description on the banner ad specifications and requirements, see Non-Personalized Ad Specifications and Personalized Ad Specifications.

Landing Page URL

A Landing Page URL is the URL that a user will arrive (or 'land') on upon clicking on your ad. The URL should leverage unique UTM parameters to track the progress of your campaign.

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For more information on UTM parameters, see Landing Page URL and UTM Parameters.

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