Installation & Usage (Target Classic UI)

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Provisioning a Demandbase Web Personalization connector for Adobe Target involves the following steps.

1.  Once you have determined the attributes you will be using in your Target profiles, an engineer from Demandbase Consulting Services provides a customized Javascript function called "set_mbox_variables." This snippet of code will be provided to you at the time of implementation and should be added to the bottom of your downloaded and customized mbox.js file.


2.  In your page, you will add script tags to point to your downloaded mbox.js, the Demandbase API, and your mboxJS.


Note: For non-global mbox implementations and individual mbox creation, the order of the mbox JS library matters. It should be placed BEFORE Demandbase scripts.

3.  When you have your HTML page ready, load the page in your browser a couple of times. You may need to give it 15-30 minutes before the attributes appear in Target -> Segments -> Profiles.

4.  Once the attributes are loaded in Target, you can set up your Targets in your Campaign(s) as in the following example.



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