Overview for Business Users


Overview for Business Users

Demandbase real-time identification is often strategically applied to web analytics platforms to provide the ability to de-anonymize site traffic and examine visitor segments by account-level attributes from the Demandbase company profile. Marketers can analyze the true response rates of targeted accounts with visibility into the target accounts that may have responded to campaigns but did not convert. Similarly, gain visibility into all of the accounts you touched at a recent trade show.

It's often very useful to exclude segments from traffic reports. For example, tag all channel partners and resellers in order to remove them from site traffic reports to get detailed information only on ‘direct sale’ traffic behavior. Analysts may also conduct a clickpath analysis of named accounts.

Demandbase for Analytics enables marketers to answer questions like: What pages did my top ten target accounts visit last week? What about competitors? Do I need to expand my content strategy to create more relevant content?

Getting Started:

Which Data Attributes?

Demandbase provides a company profile with over 40 attributes. Consider which attributes will be useful in your analytics tool.

The most commonly utilized attributes:

  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Audience
  • Revenue Range
  • Employee Range
  • AccountWatch (custom attributes for Named Accounts).

Also consider how many available containers you have for data in your analytics system. For example, Google Analytics only allows for 5 custom variables, Google Universal Analytics allows 20 custom dimensions, and Google Analytics Premium allows up to 200 custom dimensions. Similarly, Adobe Analytics provides up to 75 conversion variables (eVars) and traffic variables (s.props).

Complete Analytics Design Reference

Once you've decided which attributes to collect and assessed how best to send them to your analytics system, record it in a design reference (available from your Customer Success Manager). This ensures the business and technical teams are aligned on the project requirements and allows for fast, easy setup of your analytics connector.

Company Profile Customizations

Demandbase can customize both the criteria and the returned values for Employee Range and Revenue Range to match your definitions. We are also able to customize industries to match yours – our current industry values are based on SIC codes.

Using Account Watch, Demandbase can provide custom attributes about companies that are important to your business. Image an Account Status attribute with values such as Partner, Customer, Hot Prospect.

Customize your company profile today by contacting you Customer Success Manager.

Build Reports

Here are a few useful reports that Demandbase recommends to B2B Marketers:

  • Total visits by industry and company size
  • Conversion rate and bounce rate by industry and company size
  • Top Sources of traffic by industry and company size
  • Named Account behavior
  • Downloads/PDFs views/Demos or other behaviors personal to your company that indicate buying behavior by industry/company size and named accounts.


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