This article assumes:

  1. You have a LivePerson account for your company and are ready to install the Demandbase plugin
  2. You have an API key licensed for the Demandbase LivePerson Chat Plugin
  3. You have an installation link for the live plugin

If you are missing either 2 or 3, please contact Demandbase Support.

Please be aware that there are two versions of the plugin available. One is for live use and the other is for testing. Please click here for more information on testing your integration.

Step 1: Navigate to the link provided to you by Demandbase



Step 2: Accept the agreement


Step 3: Enter your Demandbase API key

If you are not sure what your API key is, please contact Support.


You're finished! You may now use the Demandbase Company Profile Attributes to customize your visitor chat experience, as well as create custom rules.

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