Integrate Hushly with Demandbase

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Hushly allows you to create more relevant and engaging experiences for your target audiences. This helps drive better business outcomes such as increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and greater customer loyalty. Demandbase and Hushly customers can leverage Demandbase One data to create better personalization experiences for demand generation and account-based marketing strategies.

Using the Demandbase Hushly integration, you can:

  • Create journey or buying stage landing pages that dynamically move groups of in-market visitors or accounts that are not in your target list through your stages.
  • Create “no-code” secure Account-Focused Microsites to accelerate opportunities through to close.
  • Deliver unique personalized account experiences across your website, landing pages, and content to better educate buyers in your target accounts.
  • Simplify onboarding and ongoing communication to members of the buying team and platform users.
  • Drive up sell, cross sell, and special offers and deliver product updates, best practices, and other sensitive account updates with CS Microsites.


You must have a paid Hushly license.

You must have Admin privileges in Demandbase.


  1. Use the Demandbase Account Connector to set up the Hushly integration. For instructions, see Set Up Demandbase to Send Data to an Integration: Account Connector.
  2. Follow the instructions from the Hushly documentation to continue setting up the integration. If you have issues setting up the integration, contact your Hushly CSM.

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