The Demandbase LivePerson Connector is a click-to-install app that is installed through LivePerson's web administration pages. The connector adds a powerful new layer of company identity to the LivePerson application making the Demandbase Company Profile available in the agent console and for creating rules in the web administration interface.

Agent Console Integration

When a company visits your web site, chat agents will immediately be able to see the company profile for individual visitors on the Agent Console. This gives chat agents valuable information when a chat is being initiated.

Using Demandbase's Account Watch feature can provide chat valuable first-party information about key accounts. For sales agents, include things like account status, and buying stage. For marketing and services agents, indicate service levels, product cross sell opportunities, target product families, sales territory information.

Visitor Rules Integration

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the Demandbase LivePerson Connector is the ability to use company profile attributes in Visitor Rules. Route visitors to agents with specific skills based on industry, company size, key technologies, or geo-location.

Account Watch enables further insights with the ability to add CRM information such as territory, area of expertise, or account status. Agents can immediately see important details about accounts when you flag hot leads, highlight cross-sell opportunities, etc.

For instructions on creating and editing visitor rules, see LivePerson's Visitor Rules Documentation.


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