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Account Watch Overview


It all starts with measurement – work with your Customer Success Manager to set up your Account Watch today and begin analyzing the behavior of your unique segments. 

What is Account Watch?

Account Watch is an innovative, unique feature allows Demandbase customers to target or filter custom segments of accounts.

Demandbase Account Watch is the ability for our customers to flag key accounts with their unique relationship or status. Flags such as “Customer”, “Early Stage Pipe”, “Named Account” or “Partner” are most commonly utilized.

Why is Account Watch Important?

A key tenant of Account Based Marketing is personalization to the segment – and your segments are unique to you. Your customers are coming to your site for different reasons than key prospects are – you should analyze their behavior and have custom tracks for them. Route partners to your partner portal, show a thank you or upsell message to your customers and bring up the most relevant case studies to your early stage pipeline prospects.

Account Watch is also commonly used in our forms connector to pass along custom information with leads from forms to marketing automation to ease the pain of lead routing.

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