Account Watch Overview

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Account Watch is a Demandbase capability that lets you target or filter custom segments of your target accounts. It gives you the ability to flag key accounts with your unique business relationship or status.

An Account Watch represents a list of companies that matter to your business. It has companies you want to track and associate with your custom account watch attributes that are specific to your business. Flags such as “Customer,” “Early Stage Pipe,” “Named Account,” or “Partner” are the most common ones used by Demandbase customers.

You can work with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to set up an Account Watch and begin analyzing the behavior of your unique segments.

Why is Account Watch Important?

A key tenant of Account Based Marketing is personalization to the segment – and your segments are unique to you. Your customers are coming to your site for different reasons than key prospects are – you should analyze their behavior and have custom tracks for them. Route partners to your partner portal, show a thank you or upsell message to your customers and bring up the most relevant case studies to your early stage pipeline prospects.

Account Watch is also commonly used in our forms connector to pass along custom information with leads from forms to marketing automation to ease the pain of lead routing.

Steps for Setting Up Account Watch

Follow these steps to set up an Account Watch list.

Step 1: Format your Account Watch File

Account Watch files should be created in a CSV formatted file. Within this file there should be a file header row with the following columns:

  • Required headers column - Account Name and Domain
  • Optional headers column - Street Address, City, State, Country
  • Account Watch Attribute columns - These headers will go after the required and optional columns. Each will represent an attribute you define and is specific to your business.
    • Ex. account_type, account_owner, campaign code


Step 2: Send the File to Your Customer Success Manager

When you finish creating the headers and populating each row with account information, reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and send them the completed list. They will then coordinate with our internal team to import your Account Watch list.

Learn More

We also have a course available with videos and knowledge check quizzes to deepen your understanding of Account Watch: Using Target Account Lists with Account Watch

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