August 2023 Product Update

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New Features:

Non-English Intent

Demandbase now supports 133 different languages with our native intent offering! This includes multi-byte support (allowing for special non-latin characters). Additionally, natural language processing (NLP) is utilized to determine the relevance of each intent extraction, no matter what language is present. This exciting update to our Account Intelligence will better support international GTM strategies, provide sellers with geo-specific insights, and increase the effectiveness of intent-based targeting within Demandbase advertising campaigns.

For more information, see the following articles:

Product Changes:

Intent Relevancy Update

Great news! We’ve updated our intent relevancy algorithms to improve the quality and relevancy of intent that ABX customers receive and reduce false positive signals associated with broad and ambiguous keywords. We’re excited about this overall improvement to our intent relevancy algorithms and have confidence it will provide even better intent results for our customers. 

To learn more about how to create better intent keywords that reduce the amount of false positives, see the following articles:

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