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Using workspaces, you can manage the data and assets that different groups of users can access in Demandbase One. After you create one or more workspaces, you can perform the following actions to manage them:

  • Duplicate: Create a new copy of an existing workspace with the same data rules and assigned users. You can select assets to connect and publish the new workspace. After you publish the duplicate workspace, you cannot access or update it for approximately 24 hours while Demandbase processes the changes.
  • Rename: Change the name for an existing workspace.
  • Edit: Update the configuration for an existing workspace. You can make updates and republish the workspace. After you republish the workspace, Demandbase begins reprocessing the changes. The workspace remains accessible during this time. Depending on the changes made, it could take some time for the changes to be reflected in the workspace.
  • Delete: Delete an existing workspace permanently using two available options.
    • Delete All: Delete an existing workspace, its configuration, and all connected assets. Demandbase assigns users to the global workspace if they were only assigned to the selected workspace. 
    • Delete Workspace Only: Delete an existing workspace and its configuration only. Demandbase moves all users and connected assets back to the global workspace.


You must be licensed to use workspaces.

You must have Admin privileges.


  1. From the drop-down list for selecting workspaces in the top navigation bar, select Global Workspace. See Understanding Workspace Navigation for more information about switching workspaces.
  2. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Workspaces.
    Important: The Workspaces page is only available from the global workspace and only if your company is licensed to use workspaces. 
  3. Hover over a workspace name, click the gear icon that appears, and select the option you want to perform.
    • To duplicate a workspace, select Duplicate. In the window that opens, enter a Workspace name and click Duplicate.
      Demandbase navigates to Step 3 for creating workspaces. Select the assets to connect and save or publish the duplicate workspace.
    • To rename a workspace, select Rename. In the window that opens, enter an updated Workspace name and click Rename.
    • To edit a workspace, select Edit or click the workspace name.
      Demandbase navigates to Step 4 for creating workspaces. Make updates to the workspace and save or publish the workspace.
    • To delete a workspace, select Delete. In the window that opens, select Delete All or Delete Workspace Only.
      • If you select Delete All, in the window that opens, confirm that you want to delete the workspace and any connected assets, and click Delete.
      • If you select Delete Workspace Only, Demandbase deletes the selected workspace immediately.

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