Understanding Workspace Navigation

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Demandbase One users assigned to one or more workspaces can use the drop-down list at the left of the top navigation bar to switch between workspaces. The top navigation bar can be accessed from the Analytics, Journeys, Database, and Settings sections of Demandbase One. Additionally, the top navigation bar includes the drop-down list for selecting an account or list (account, person, opportunity) and the date range selector.

Important: You must be licensed to use workspaces for the top navigation bar to be displayed.



  • The top navigation bar for selecting workspaces cannot be accessed from the Orchestration, Advertising, and Personalization sections of Demandbase One as those are currently not supported with workspaces.
  • If you used Demandbase One previously without workspaces, you may notice the user interface looks a little different. The drop-down list for selecting an account or list and the date range selector can now be found in the top navigation bar.


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