Access Sales Intelligence iFrame in Microsoft Dynamics

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Sales Intelligence provides insights directly within Dynamics 365. You can search for a company or people, manage your Watchlists, view company insights categories, and leverage your referral network.

You can access the Sales Intelligence iFrame in Dynamics 365 from Account, Lead, Contact, and Opportunity entities. 

See Understanding Demandbase Sales Intelligence iFrame in Microsoft Dynamics for more information. 

Important: Launching Sales Intelligence from Microsoft’s MyApps ( causes an error. Dynamics doesn't have the required parameters to support the Demandbase oAuth secure login. 


  1. Log into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and go to the Sales area.
  2. Go to an account page. The Sales Intelligence iFrame is on the right side of the page. 
  3. (Optional) Users can also access the Sales Intelligence web platform directly from Microsoft Dynamics. This allows users to easily search the entire Demandbase database, build lists, and manage agents, connections, watchlists etc. 
    • In the Demandbase iFrame, go to the top right and click the 3 lines. Click desired action. Users are routed to the web platform and can utilize the full functionality of Sales Intelligence. 

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