Demandbase Intent Data Service Delivery

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Data Delivery to Your Cloud

When you subscribe to Demandbase Intent as a data service, Demandbase delivers it to your cloud account. Data encompasses activity of accounts that match the kind of intent indicative of your Ideal Customer Profile, plus account scores, in an easy-to-ingest, entity-based structure.

We deliver the latest data daily by 12pm UTC (7am EST) with up-to-date current values and historicals. Once you receive the data, you fully control its data policies such as retention and permissions.

Cloud-Native Storage & Data Warehouse Destinations

Demandbase Intent as a data service delivers to cloud-native data warehousing and storage destinations. These solutions offer unparalleled access, scale, and performance.

We store data as delivery-day partitioned tables in all warehouse destinations. We store data in the Apache Parquet format in all storage destinations, separated by delivery-day directories. Our supported destinations are:

  • Data Warehouse Destinations: GCP BigQuery, AWS RedShift
  • Data Storage Destinations: Data Storage Destinations: GCP GCS, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Demandbase Hosted SFTP

Delivery Setup

Demandbase will help guide your infrastructure or engineering contact(s) to set-up delivery access to the chosen data destination in your cloud account. 

The destination requires only a reserved location (for example, BigQuery Dataset, S3 bucket) for daily deliveries. In addition to setup assistance, we provide detailed instructions for all steps. Setup and initial delivery can be completed in a day for currently supported destinations. Note that delivery to only one cloud account is supported per customer.

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