Understanding Demandbase Intent as a Data Service

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Demandbase Intent monitors online browsing patterns of prospective and current customers to help you target your marketing and sales efforts to buying committees and other stakeholders in the B2B marketplace. Demandbase artificial intelligence identifies buying signals based on keywords in web searches, maps selected signals to key purchase decision-makers in lucrative customer bases, and anonymizes browsing activity while retaining the digital footprint by which you can track and reach these stakeholders.

For an introduction to B2B buying intent and how it helps go-to-market teams reach the right people, see Understanding Demandbase Intent.

Intent as a Data Service Compared to Intent in Demandbase One

When you subscribe to Demandbase Intent as a data service, we deliver the data in a flexible file format that can integrate with many go-to-market systems that help identify the buying journey of existing and potential accounts. Such systems can include tools that build scoring models and create dashboards. Demandbase feeds “smart data” to your existing analytics tools so that the information is actionable.

If your company licenses the full version of Demandbase One, most likely intent signals already influence the dashboards and scoring models you see in the product. You or your team can change keyword sets configured in the Settings section to adjust your intent focus.

The following table highlights some key differences between Intent as a data service and Intent in Demandbase One.

Demandbase Intent Offering How Keywords Are Entered Time for Keywords to be Integrated
Intent as a data service The Demandbase account team enters all the keywords into the intent engine for customers. Approximately one week or less.
Intent in Demandbase One Customers set up keywords in Demandbase One. See Set Up Demandbase One Intent: Create Keyword Sets. Approximately one week or less after keyword set creation.

Developing Keyword Sets

Collaborate with your Demandbase account team to establish the keyword sets that effectively monitor the intent of qualified buyers and other decision-makers in the B2B market space. Demandbase has keyword lists of over 375,000 terms, and monitors visitors to about 3 million websites. The account team can help match your goals with one of many bundled lists that focus on identifying intent for your product by analyzing searches on relevant websites. These bundles can be tweaked to add or subtract keywords that might be needed to customize the keyword lists for your needs.

Use Cases

The following two use cases represent two sample scenarios that use Demandbase Intent as a data service to help identify business trends serving two different strategic goals.

Institutional Investor Research

Example Company is a large institutional investor with resources to apply data science and analytics to Demandbase Intent signals. The company invests in a wide range of public corporations that serve the B2B marketplace. Their goal is to pinpoint the corporations that show signs of upcoming mergers & acquisitions (M&As) and/or public offerings. 

Example Company uses the following types of keyword sets to observe, quantify, and compare online activity that might indicate potential investment opportunities:

  • M&A advisors
  • M&A consultants
  • M&A law firms
  • Offering memorandum terms

Account-Based Marketing Prospecting

The go-to-market team of Acme Corporation wants to identify prospective customer accounts for their products. They would also like to further focus their marketing efforts on potential B2B customers who are most likely to bring in the highest revenue. Leveraging the information from the continual Demandbase Intent data flow, the IT team creates modeling and analysis tools to understand the marketplace. Specifically, the tools help marketing and sales teams identify Global 2000 companies that show intent for particular keywords and the strength of these intent signals. Acme Corporation flexes their promotion efforts accordingly to penetrate the companies with the most promise.

As the go-to-market team gathers marketplace intelligence, they work with the Demandbase account team to adjust the keyword set for intent monitoring at strategic threshold periods. With this flexibility, the team can identify surging intent and prospects’ interest in competitors and act accordingly. Intent insight enables Acme Corporation to bring the right Account-Based Marketing strategies to the appropriate prospective companies at key junctures. 

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