Site Optimization Custom Configurations

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To access Site Optimization configuration options, verify you are logged into the Demandbase ABM Platform and navigate to Engagement > Site Optimization > Preview > View additional configurationsThe available custom and advanced Site Optimization configuration options include:

Send Events to Google Analytics

Enable this option to send events to Google Analytics. This is recommended to be enabled if you are using Google Analytics.


Use custom Google Analytics tracker name

If there is a custom tracker name or more than one Google Analytics property on your website, then enter the Google Analytics tracker name to send event data to. Demandbase by default sends data to one tracker. If there are multiple on a page, this must be defined for Demandbase to send event data to the correct property. If a tracker name is not defined, then data will be sent to the default/first tracker name on the page.


Set the Recommendations window to be open by default

The default state is a closed Recommendations window. If there is a lot of content on the page already, it may be better to leave the Recommendations window closed until the user selects to view the recommended content.


Use custom header text for the opened recommendation window

This option affects the text that is shown when the Recommendation window is opened. An example is shown below:



Override default protocol of the recommended content links

The Demandbase recommendation is to leave this option on default.


Show company name in opened recommendation window

This option will display the company name of the visitor in the opened Recommendation window. 


Use custom text for recommendation window title

This option sets the displayed text in the closed Recommendation window.




Delay Recommendation window on page load

If you'd like to wait for a certain period of time before loading the Recommendation window, add a time in milliseconds into the field displayed in this section.


Fade in Recommendation window

If you'd like to more smoothly load the Recommendation window, as opposed to immediately turning on the Recommendation window when it is ready, you can use the fade in option as displayed here. 500 is a good number to start with and fine tune from there.


Use ripple animation

This option adds additional attention to the Recommendation window. 


Recommendation window appears after user begins to scroll

Recommended to display on default load. If you have additional elements installed, this can be one option to address a potential conflict/overlap of space.


Add an indicator arrow to each recommendation

Select this option to display a small arrow after the Recommendation window text.


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