How do I confirm the ad pixel is firing on a page?


Confirming that the Demandbase ad pixels are firing on a specific page is fast and easy. Here is a 30 second video displaying the process.


Here are the steps:

  1. Load the page in question in a Chrome browser.
  2. Click View > Developer > JavaScript Console to Open Chrome Web Tools 
  3. Click the Network Tab
  4. Click the 'Preserve log' Checkbox
  5. Reload the page
  6. Type 'pixel' in the filter box
  7. Observe that both pixels are present
    1. You may see pixels from other companies as well. Demandbase pixels, if you hover over them, will show a ".company-target" domain. 

Contact Support if you see the same pixel firing twice. This will usually present itself as pixels double-firing in pairs, meaning you might see four or six pixels appear after you filter for the word "pixel".


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