How to View and Interpret Data on the ABM Platform Dashboard


In this article you’ll get an overview of the data available from your ABM Platform Dashboard. You’ll learn more about each metric including what it indicates about your site visitor traffic and how it can help you determine next steps for your ABM Strategy.

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The Dashboard page of the ABM Platform is your Home page. It gives you a global view of account activity called Traffic Overview, and lets you drill down into activity for each of your defined Audiences.

By default, the Dashboard data reflects the last 30 days of account-based website traffic; however, you can adjust it to show the last 7 days or the last 90 days.

Traffic Overview

The Traffic Overview gives you a holistic view of the number of accounts that have visited your website. At the top of the report you’ll see a number displayed called “Accounts on Site.” This is a global number that reflects your site’s overall unfiltered, identifiable account traffic.

To view the detailed data included in the Traffic Overview report, click the down arrow on the right.


The expanded Traffic Overview report displays a variety of data cards with the following details about your site’s account traffic.

  • Business Traffic Breakdown: This data card provides the composition of website traffic in these three categories:
  • Identified company traffic: This is traffic for which Demandbase has successfully identified the account. A good benchmark for enterprise business websites based on Demandbase’s customer ecosystem is between 20% to 30%.
  • Identified non-company traffic: This is traffic that has been identified as bot traffic.
  • Unidentified traffic: This is traffic that is from residential, mobile, or ISP IP connections.


  • Business Traffic Source: This data card breaks down the Identified company traffic visits by connection type:
    • Corporate connection:This includes company IP, company VPN, and Company wifi connections.
    • Remote connection: A remote connection is an identified company IP address that is not the company’s commercial office IP connection. It is most often a residential connection from an offsite employee. Demandbase is able to identify the account associated with a remote connection using a combination of technologies including artificial intelligence, IP identification, and cookie tracking.


  • Business Traffic Type: This data card gives you a view of site traffic by type of account to help guide your segmentation strategy for marketing programs. Account types include:
    • Enterprise Business
    • Mid-Market Business
    • Government
    • SMB
    • Education
    • Other
  • Top Industries & Page Views: This data card categorizes your traffic by industry ranked according to the number of page views. This gives you a top-level view of account engagement by vertical that you can use for further granularity in your segmentation

Below these data cards you’ll find:

Most Active Accounts & Page Views. This area of the report shows you the most active accounts on your site listed by number of page views along with the following information.

  • Accountlogo and name: You can click the logo to go to the account’s website.
  • Number of page views:This represents the number of unique page views from the account.

An increase in page views from a specific account can be an indication of increased interest in your company’s products or services.


Audience Reports

The ABM Platform Dashboard also provides you with detailed information for each of your Audiences. At the top level, you can view the following overall metrics.

  • Accounts:Identified company count associated with the custom audience
  • Engaged: Account visitors with 15 or more-page views
  • Page Views: A view of a page views that have been viewed by and account
  • Sessions: A group of interactions one user takes within a given time frame on your website
  • Source: Indicates whether your Audiences were created from you uploading a list, from your CRM, or from your Demandbase Profile
  • Active Programs: The number of live programs (such as an ad campaign or personalized site content) you’ve implemented using Demandbase Targeting or Engagement Solutions.

To view the detailed data for a specific Audience, click the 'View' button on the right.



The Demandbase ABM Platform gives you the account-based metrics you need to measure success, identify opportunities for optimization, and improve cross-functional alignment. Be sure to log in to your Dashboard regularly and use it in the following ways.

  • Use the audience engagement metrics as an ongoing benchmark to measure the success of your programs in increasing engagement of your target audience.
  • Evaluate the report data to identify which content is most relevant to your audience to make more informed decisions and optimize the buyer’s journey.
  • Track pipeline activity and attribute revenue to your Audiences. You’ll gain visibility into the ROI impact of your campaigns and be able to more closely align with Sales.
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