Assign Accounts in Account Based Sales Development (ABSD)


Assign accounts individually

Change Account assignments

Assign Accounts in Bulk(using CSV upload)


To access this information and more within ABSD, Go to

  • Click login in the upper right corner and login using admin@<> and your password.
  • Click the My Accounts button in the upper right and you will see your ABSD accounts. 


Assign Accounts Individually

  • A -Click the All Batches drop-down menu at the top of the screen and select the batch that you want to assign.
  • B - Click the Unassigned Status drop-down.
  • C - Change it to Unassigned Status. This will show all accounts that are not assigned yet.

  • D - Click the account that you want to assign.
  • E - Click the Assign button that pops-up a new window.

  • F - Enter in the email address of the user that you want to assign this account to.
  • G - Click the Assign button.

Change account assignments:

  1. Share Account: 
  2. Unassign Account:

Once logged in: 

  • A - Enter in the account name that you want to change assignment for.
  • B - Click the account.
  • C - Click Share/Reassign.


Share Account: Assign multiple users to one account:

  • D - Assign the account to multiple users.
  • E - Enter the email address of the user to share this account with.
  • F - Click the Share button.


Reassign Account: To change the account assignment:

  • G - This option allows you to reassign the account to a different user or remove an account assignee (unassign).
  • H -
    • To remove an account assignee, leave the “Enter email address” text box blank and click the Reassign button.This will remove all account assignees from the account.
    • To change the assignment from old assignee to new assignee, enter the email address of the new user.
  • I -  Click the Reassign button.

Account Assignments in bulk (using csv upload)

Once logged in:

  • A - Click the All Batches drop-down menu at the top of the screen and select the batch that you want to assign.
  • B - Click the blue down arrow highlighted and 
  • C - Select Download accounts for assignment. This will download all the account information into a csv file.


  • Open the csv file that was downloaded in the previous step. 
  • Enter the e-mail addresses of the end users that should be assigned to each account (separated by commas if there are multiple) in the Assign To Email column.
    • If you want to unassign the account, leave the Assign To Email column blank.
  • Save the csv file.
  • Navigate back to the Spiderbook page. 
  • D - Click the up arrow highlighted button.
  • E -  Select Upload assigned accounts


  • F - Click the Choose File button and select the csv file that you updated in the previous step.
  • G - Click Upload button to upload the assignments.
  • The page will refresh and the new assignments will be updated. 



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